YouTube (Character) is the main antagonist in the video Animation vs YouTube.

The YouTube videos, known as the YouTube's temporary subordinates are the secondary antagonists.









Can be used on: Internet Explorer Google Chrome FireFox

Introduced in

Animator vs Youtube

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Can have 2 hands if he takes control of the Like & Dislike buttons
  • Can Summon Annotations and use them as a weapon.
  • Additionally, YouTube (Character) can create a set of 2 hands made out of annotations.
  • Can take control of the Video so he doesn't need to click on it with his hands similar to a keyboard.
  • Can use Scenes in a Video for Various Skills and Ability.
  1. Direct Damage to the Stick figures.
  2. Use the Videos to block the Stick Figures from reaching the "Exit Full-screen Button".
  3. Use People's Lines in Videos to Communicate to the Stick Figures and also to make Painful Noises whenever he gets hurt.
  4. Using The Videos to gloat at the Stick Figures when the page was refreshed.

Weaknesses Edit

YouTube can't attack entities when they are uploaded as a video and inside the player box, as shown when Green was uploaded onto the website. This was shown when YouTube tried to punch Green repeatedly but nothing was happening until Green split the player box. This lead to YouTube's defeat.

Minor Annoyances Edit

  • Product ads that delays the video in till the "Skip Button" is usable.

Trivia Edit

  • YouTube's (Character) Name was Confirmed to be "YouTube" by Alan Becker when he Called YouTube (Character) "YouTube" in his Behind the Scenes of Animation vs. YouTube.

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