Not to be confused with The Chosen One

Victim was orginally created to be tortured but fought back in Animator vs. Animation. It is not very strong but It is very clever and resourceful with it’s methods.Victim used many tools in Flash to fight Noogai3 and almost won, but the animator managed to close Flash before the battle could be finished. he is the main antagonist in Animator vs. Animation.

Victim Level-0

Powers and abilities

  • Intelligence
  • Super Speed
  • Super Stamina
  • It can create clones
  • Victim knows how to use the tools in Flash which it uses to fight back.
  • It is able to hold it’s own against the animator, even as to adapt to the situation.


  • Victim appears in the Animator vs Animation game, where you can play as It or the animator.
  • Many people mistake that Victim is The Chosen One in Animator vs Animation II, which isn't the case, as It died in AVA1, when Noogai3 closed the window without saving.
  • Victim was the weakest stick in the Animator vs. Animation series, as It cannot escape the Flash window.