The Chosen One is a stick figure that was created by Noogai3 in Flash. He is the main antagonist of Animator vs. Animation II and the anti-hero main antagonist in Animator vs. Animation III. He appears to be the strongest stick figure in the whole series as he was the only one to actually defeat Noogai3 (The Animator).


Animator vs. Animation 2

In his first appearance in the series, he was first shown came to life after Noogai3 decided the perfect name for his created stick figure (the others were being victim, killer, and BEAST) and converted to symbol. Because of that name, The Chosen One started to destroy Flash and later at the desktop, even Mozilla Firefox, AOL Instant Messenger, and My Computer were no match for him. However, in the end, Noogai3 opened Avast! Antivirus and caught The Chosen One witht he lightning bolts and chest, where he ends up becoming Noogai3's slave, being forced to destroy popups.

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Animator vs. Animation 3

Sometime after the events of the second installment, The Chosen One continues to struggle his survival as a pop-up blocker for Noogai3. When Noogai3 was searching the web The Chosen One finds an ad that

The Chosen One clicking on the Stick Figure Rights to make

said "Stick Figure Rights". Noogai3 was going to ignore it but The Chosen One clicked on it. The site claimed that stick figures were not meant to be slaves, and a popup appears that would allow the Chosen One to be set free. Noogai3 turns on his powers as a popup blocker, destroying the window, causing The Chosen One becoming angry on Noogai3 for revenge, and The Chosen One tried to destroy Noogai3's pointer with fire. Then, Noogai3 disables The Chosen One's powers. Then, after Noogai3 right-clicks The Chosen One, The Chosen One moves Noogai3's pointer and forces him to click "Release Pop-Up Blocker:, which sets The Chosen One free. He then escapes to Microsoft Word (presumably Word XP/2003), where Noogai3 was apparently writing his essay, and starts to destroy it by eating it. Clippy, who pretty much witnessed the action there, asked Noogai3 if he wants to help him kill The Chosen One and Noogai3 clicked "Get help with killing stick figure". Clippy started to scold The Chosen One, but he doesn't mind about it, causing a fight between the two. While being engaged in combat with Clippy, Noogai3 makes The Dark Lord to fight with a mission to destroy The Chosen One . The Chosen One and The Dark Lord soon encounter and fought each other, just right after The Chosen One defeated Clippy in Word, and culminating it in the desktop, where The Dark Lord, along with the desktop icons, (Firefox, iTunes, Chrome etc.) helped in the battle with the hope of defeating The Chosen One. After a long and hard battle, which ended with The Chosen One throwing Firefox to Minesweeper, where The Dark Lord was thrown earlier, The Chosen One defeated The Dark Lord but decides to let him live because he showed The Dark Lord that Noogai3 did not care if he lived or died, since Noogai3 was too busy playing Solitaire to realize they were living entities. As such, The Chosen One and The Dark Lord teamed up and started to destroy Noogai3's computer, and ended by creating a Vortex that sucked everything (expect cursor and My Computer), and gave a high-five before it exploded, causing the Blue Screen of Death. Technically, their mission was accomplished, but at the same time, sacrificed and died just to destroy Noogai3's computer.

Animator vs. Animation IV

Although he doesn't physically appear, he plays an important role regarding the appearance of The Second Coming. As the Chosen One appears when The Second Coming glitches out in rage.

Powers and abilities

  • Superhuman Strength (he can lift and destroy windows or pop ups.)
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Pyrokinesis (can control fire.)
  • Cryokinesis (can control ice.)
  • Laser Vision: The Chosen One has laser vision, which he can increase in strength.
  • Flight. (he is able to fly.)
  • The Chosen One, like The Dark Lord, can create a powerful vortex destroying all the appliactions in the process.
  • The Chosen One has fire breath.
  • The Chosen One can control a thundercloud. (Though this is only seen once in

Animator vs. Animation 2.)

  • The Chosen One can make a fiery Aura around him, then throw it (although The Chosen One has only done this once, In Animator vs. Animation 2).

avast! Antivirus

  • In the Animator vs. Animation Game Special Edition, if you are playing as Animation Pressing 'E' will breathe fire, this could a hidden move as it was not stated in the the animation tutorial. So it could be The Chosen One even though it is stated as Victim.
  • Reality Warping
  • Immense Intelligence
  • Nigh-Omnipotence (he shows a display of his great unlimited and immense powers throughout series, as he created a vortex and destroyed the computer)


His only weakness are the thunderbolts generated from the Avast! Antivirus program.


  • Given by the fact they've fought in 2 and 3, it appears AOL Instant Messenger has a strong rivalry with The Chosen One.
  • Contrary to popular belief,Victim and The Chosen One are two different characters. In fact,Victim is not a real character in the AVA universe as the actual AVA 1 video appears in Animation vs. Youtube. Meaning that the video was made in-universe by Noogai3.
  • He never appeared with The Second Coming , Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Stickman.
  • The Chosen One is the most powerful character in the Animator vs. Animation series, besides the kick-starter stickman (destroyed the computer in 12 seconds) Alan Becker made to promote views to help fund for animator vs animation IV.
  • He can create anything using the tools available in Adobe Flash.
  • Some say the chosen one is the protagonist or anti-hero.
  • Along with The Dark Lord, he is one of two anti-villains.
  • Along with The Dark Lord, he is the omnipotent of AvA verse.


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