FANDOM Is a website that plays a gif of a scene from Animator vs Animation 4, the scene with stickfigures red, green, blue, and yellow, are fighting, and The Second Coming is watching from behind.

First Appearance

Animator vs. Animation 4

Last Appearance

AMV shorts 7: PVP

The website is a website that first appears in Animator vs. Animation IV. It is the website where The Second Coming meets the four fighting stick figures, who later becomes his friends and fighters. first appeared in Animator vs. Animation IV, when The Second Coming jumped from the Facebook tab into the SticksFight tab. This is where he met his friends, Fighting Stick Figures.


  • is a real website that, when visited, shows the part of animator vs animation 4 that was in the website.
  • Inside the website, it shows the room with doors and stairs.
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