FANDOM is a website shown in the beginning of Animator vs. Animation 3.

The Chosen One clicked on this website. The site claimed that stickfigures were not meant to be slaves. A pop-up appears that would allow The Chosen One would be set free, but Noogai3 turned on his powers and destroyed the popup in the process. However The Chosen One did free himself in the "right-click" menu with the option: "Release Pop-Up Blocker" and set himself free.


In Animator vs Animation III, The Chosen One saw the page advertised on Google, he then tapped it and loaded up the page. While Alan is reading the text, The Chosen One takes advantage, and tries to destroy the mouse, Noogai quickly makes a successful attempt to disable The Chosen One popup blocker. The Chosen One then grabs onto Noogai's mouse cursor, and executes the right click command, and selects "Release Pop-Up Blocker".


The webpage itself is real, as seen in "External Links". It has the same appearance as in AVA III, however, with the addition of an ad on the leftmost of the page. The pop-up is simply an image of the message, and it does nothing when clicked (except making it bigger/smaller in some browsers).

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StickFigure Rights has only appeared in the series once and is an actual website.

External Links

The official stickfigure Rights webpage