'Purple?' is a character from the Animator Vs. Animation Card Game. He is a purple stick figure with a solid head, and a black arm with a purple hand and a black smudge on his face. Purple? is painting his black arm purple. Purple? seems to actually

be black, and is just painting himself purple. He may be The Chosen One or victim.e

Purple first appeared in the series in AVM Shorts Episode 8, then returning in AVM Shorts Episode 9: Villagers.

In AVM Shorts Episode 9, Purple? seems to live in a separate computer(with possibly a separate system) where he is the only stick figure and has builded an entire villager town in almost everywhere in the computer with him being the king of the villagers. The reason that he is the king seems to be because he constantly goes to the nether to collect quartz and distributes them to the villagers. It is however unknown how he has such a big villager town and who the owner of the computer he lives in is.