Purple is a stick figure and former antagonist in Animator vs. Animation series. It serves as main antagonist in first half of Villagers - AVM Shorts Episode 9.

AvM Shorts

Purple first appeared in the series in AVM Shorts Episode 8: The Nether, then returning in AVM Shorts Episode 9: Villagers.

In AVM Shorts Episode 8, it appears only in final moments of the episode, when Blue and Green spot it going into another portal. They then follow it.

In Episode 9, it's revealed that Purple lives in a Mac computer of unknown owner, where it is the only stick figure. In the computer, there is a sizable village. It living in it was first hinted by purple colour of flowers and parts of houses. Shortly after this, it was revealed that Purple lives in a castle and is, in fact, the king of the Villagers. It is distributing Quartz to the Villagers, which seems to be the reason for them to accept Purple as their ruler. During this, Purple meets with Blue and Green. After they start to give their Quartz to the Villagers, it is furious, and orders their imprisonment.

After Blue and Green escape the dungeon and start trading with the Villagers, all of the Villagers go to them. Purple is curious to see why is this happening. It follows some Villagers and it sees that the trade between the Villagers and the other two stick figures is now very busy. It is angered by this, and wants to attack the two, but the Villagers suddenly go away. After Purple sees that they rebuild the castle into grand palace with a statue of itself and are now celebrating, it seems to stop being angry at Blue and Green and even gives them crowns. It then leads them under the palace, where is a hidden End Portal. The trio then goes into it.

In Episode 10, Purple, Blue and Green arrive in the End. Purple advices the other two stick figures to not look at an Enderman. After the three manage to get on the Dragon with fishing rods, Dragon Egg is created, and Purple notices it. After some time, Blue and Purple crash into an End Ship howering above an End city. While Blue tries to control it, Purple explores the ship and finds Elytra, which allows the stick figure to fly. When they arrive back at the island with the Dragon Egg, Purple jumps from the ship in order to get the Egg. Meanwhile, the Dragon burns the ship. Blue and Green are temporarily saved by levitation they gained from Shulker. They try to call Purple back to help. It tries to decide between the Dragon Egg and saving Blue and Green. It picks the Egg, and lets the two fall. At the same moment when the two are suddenly saved, Purple tries to grab the Egg, and then it returned into its kingdom. The Dragon followed it.

Purple is then seen in its palace, sitting on its throne, with the Egg standing on a pedestal behind the throne. The Dragon suddenly comes from the hidden room under his palace and starts to destroy the village, which terrifies Purple and the Villagers. However, when the Dragon appears to be searching for something, Purple knows it came for the Egg, and wants to return it. It hatches in Purple's hands, and the Dragon and with its baby leave the Village. The Purple then meets with angered stick figures. The Villagers, angered by the destruction of their homes also turn against it. Purple is then punished for its greed by the Villagers, who rush to it, grab it, and carry it away from his palace. It's unknown what the Villagers did to Purple, although they probably just dethroned it and imprisoned it.