Programmer021 talking to Noogai3.



Introduced in

Animator vs. Animation

Last Appearance

Animator vs. Animation 2 (on AIM Chat with Noogai)


Programmer021 appears in Animator vs Animation II. He makes a minor appearance when he is talking to Noogai3 on help to defeat The Chosen One.


Main article: Animator vs. Animation 2

Programmer021 makes a short appearance when The Chosen One and Aim are fighting to the death. Alan (AKA Noogai3) takes the chance to open up AIM and message Programmer021 for help. Alan explains the situation to Programmer021, shocked, Programmer021 tells Alan that what he has done is suicide, but then quickly changes in mood and tells Alan; "No worries, here's what you should do:", before getting tilted upside down by The Chosen One, and smashing the AIM window into the AIM icon.


The Chosen One interrupts the conversation and defeats AIM.


  • He made a short appearance in Animator vs Animation 2, where Noogai3 asked how The Chosen One can be defeated.
  • Many people confuse The Programer to be Noogai3 in Animator vs Animation II, but he is not.

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