Introduced In

Animator vs. Animation 3

Orbit is the Computer App with an arrow that appears on Animator vs Animation 3. It's a downloading software for downloading a file. This app looks like uTorrent but no torrent files opening.


Orbit has a blue sphere with a thick white outline and has an arrow inside it attached to the outline in 3D.

Animator vs. Animation 3

Orbit was called by the Dark Lord. (friend/former enemy) It tried to defeat The Chosen One but he fought back by kicking the arrow. Orbit tried again but The Chosen One defeated it by throwing it off the solitare page. It possibly could have been more effective if all the others attacked at once.

Powers and Abilities

  • Orbit can use the arrow to punch, jab, slam and pound enemies.
  • Orbit can roll fairly fast, and is much faster then a lot of the other programs because of it.


  • In Animator vs Animation 3 The Chosen One Kicked the Arrow until it was defeated.
  • Orbit uses this arrow as a recoil-action stick of the control to not just punch but to jab, slam and pound enemies.
  • Orbit was the first program to die in Animator Vs Animation 3.
  • The website for Orbit is here:


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Screenshot 2017-10-25 at 6.33.58 PM
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