"You ended my friends.Now I will end you."
―The Chosen One to noogai3 after deleting Stick Figures.

The Second Coming a.k.a Orange is a stick figure and former antagonist introduced in Animator vs. Animation 4 and was created by Alan Becker. It serves as the main antagonist of the whole of Animator vs. Animation 4.

He is the only stick figure that is friends with Alan and is the deuteragonist in Animator VS Animation IV and the protagonist of Animation VS Minecraft and Animation VS YouTube.


Animator vs. Animation IV:

He first appeared while Noogai3/Alan Becker was drawing a cartoon. He went to go watch Stick Figures fight and played around on Alan's computer, which caused Alan to delete the 4 fighting sticks. This made The Second Coming furious and Alan attempted to delete him, but he couldn't be deleted because his file was "not responding". He then started to glitch out and the Chosen One appears in his place for a few frames. This along with his Task Manager description (The Chosen One's return) He decided to ruin Alan's computer by commenting hateful comments on Facebook posts. He went into his phone and he ruined it by knocking the apps around and disturbing them (if you've seen the boy in the Kindle app gets mad because he couldn't finish his book, and instead grabs a magazine that fell on the floor), and even tries to call 911. Shortly after, he went back to the computer. The Second Coming later makes a laser gun out of flash tools and uses it to destroy noogai3's cursor. The Second Coming seems to get lonely, so he perfectly drew many characters Alan had failed to draw. He was captured by Alan in a very high stroke box but was shortly let free only if he would help Alan animate his cartoons. Five months later, the two became friends and The Second Coming now lives in the Computer with his 4 Stick Figure friends. The Second Coming taught Noogai3/Alan Becker to draw better. For five months later they drew better and create sketches. Him and Alan high-fived after the completion of the animation, so they took a break. The Second Coming went to fight the Fighting Sticks, and they were impressed that The Second Coming won.

Powers and abilities

  • High-Immunity: The Second Coming can be immune from being deleted by using his anger.
  • Enhanced Agility
  • The Second Coming can create animations to strengthen and/or defend him
  • He can destroy flash tools and use them.
  • In anger, he can create letters.


The Second Coming also appears to get lonely and would find or even create friends and companions so that he won't be alone. He also appears to be able to be trapped in boxes in Adobe Flash if they are thick enough.

Difference between The Chosen One

The Second Coming-0

The Chosen One can breathe fire, fly, shoot fireballs and shoot lasers from his eyes. The Second Coming lacks them, though, but he does have good hand-to-hand combat and is seen to be creative (notice how he can build a laser gun under ten seconds flat), while The Chosen One performs them poorly.


  • He is the only stick figure that wasn't converted into a symbol.
    • He is also the only character to help Noogai animate.
    • Also, he is the only stick figure to destroy Noogai's cursor. However, The Chosen One and The Dark Lord are the only ones to destroy Noogai's computer.
  • Also, he is the first stick figure to achieve harmony with the animator.
  • Although supposedly being an animation/drawing, he is a .exe file.
    • He's the only stickman on the Saga that never has been deleted/died.
  • The Second Coming is the first stick figure that was created by Noogai/Alan and came to life by accident.
  • He seems to be highly respected by red, blue, yellow, and green; this is shown when he beats all four in a fight at the end of animator vs animation 4.
  • He is friends with fighting stick figures.
  • The Second Coming has actually saved the computer for the most times.
  • Noogai/Alan actually writes The Second's Coming as a drawing of the orange stick figure.
  • The Second Coming is the most talented in crafting weapons and items, as seen from his ability to make a laser gun from adobe flash tools(Animation vs Animator 4), and also knowing how to use the crafting table in Minecraft and craft full diamond armour and a whole set of weapons(Animation vs Minecraft).
  • The Second Coming was originally able to create letters out of nowhere, however, he did not do so in AVM Shorts Episode 02.
TSC In the Animator vs
  • The Second Coming occasionally takes naps