"you talk?"
―noogai3 to The Second Coming.

Alan Becker (also known as noogai3, noogai and Animator) is a main character and an animator in Animator vs. Animation series. He is creator of Victim, The Chosen One,The Dark Lord,Kickstarter Video Stickman and The Second Coming. He made his first appearance in Animator vs Animation. He is the creator of Animator vs. Animation series and the protagonist of AvA series. However, in Animator vs Animation IV he is the anti-hero, since the protagonist is The Second Coming.


​Animator vs Animation(the original)

Noogai3, out of a sense of boredom, draws a basic stick figure. He converts it to a symbol with the name of “Victim”. He begins to mess around with it, flipping it around using the selection box(It is basically Victim‘s prison.) He then draws a trapezoid above the box to crush Victim. However, Victim shakes the box to get out of the way. The trapezoid ends up breaking open the box and Victim goes free. It uses some of the remains of the selection box as throwing spears at Noogai3‘s cursor, but the cursor dodges. Victim then grabs the cursor and hangs on despite the cursor’s struggle to get free. Finally, Victim is thrown off the cursor and lands on the timeline. Noogai3 then uses the rope tool to tie up Victim. Victim, however, swings using the rope and grabs the magnifying glass off the tool interface and smashes it against the rope tool, freeing itself in the process. It then grabs the line tool and the A tool to create a bow and arrow while Noogai3 simultaneously draws a laser gun. Victim then shoots the cursor with the bow and arrow, but this has little effect. Noogai3 then starts shooting at Victim using the gun, but Victim explodes the gun using the watercolor tool. The explosion causes the timeline to burst open, spilling frames. Meanwhile, Victim grabs the eraser tool and brush tool and heads back down to the ground. Noogai3 manages to contain the leaking frames and puts the frames to good use by making an automatic frame shooter that he targets at Victim. Victim, however, uses the brush tool to draw a barricade. It then uses the barricade as a slingshot for the eraser, which It targets at the automatic frame shooter. the machine is cut through by the eraser, and frames, once again, spill out. Noogai3 draws a container for the frames again as Victim uses the brush to make It’s way up to it’s file. Noogai3 notices this, grabs Victim, and ties it to the program wall. He then attempts to delete Victim, but it paints over the Delete command and swats Noogai3 away. It makes it’s way to it’s file and makes a copy of itself. The cursor then grabs the brush tool from Victim and attempts to throw it away. However, Victim makes more copies of itself which grab the brush tool as well. Noogai3 struggles for a little bit to take control of the brush, and jerks up the stickmen to the timeline to loosen the pressure. He discards it while the Victim copies(as well as Victim itself)grab parts of the animation program to use as weapons. Noogai3 manages to dodge the blows for a while, but one of the stickmen lassos the cursor. They then begin to start hitting the cursor with their various weapons. In one last, desperate thrust, Noogai3 literally drags the cursor up to the close button. He clicks it, and immediately time stops for the whole animation program, except for the cursor. A pop-up appears asking if he wants to save the changes to the animation. The cursor slowly moves to the “Don’t save” button. The screen blackens as the button is clicked.

Animator vs. Animation II

Noogai3 creates The Chosen One in Flash, who promptly destroys the program and escapes to the desktop. There, he messes with Noogai3's recycle bin and files. Noogai3 opens AIM to ask Programmer021 for help (while The Chosen One battles the AIM icon). The Chosen One destroys the window and makes it to the start menu, but gets captured by avast! Antivirus after Noogai3 activated it. He then uses The Chosen One as a pop-up blocker.

Animator vs. Animation III

He is still using the Chosen One as a pop-up blocker in his Browser. The Chosen One saw Stick Figure Rights, but Noogai3 tries to ignore it. However, The Chosen One clicks the link and a pop-up appears, The Chosen One tries to click it, but Noogai3 clicks "Start Blocking Pop Ups". The Chosen One made Noogai3's cursor click "Free The Chosen One" and the Chosen One escapes. After this, he enters a word document that is a required essay. While The Chosen One destroys most of it, Clippit asks to help, in which he tries to stop The Chosen One. While their fight ensues, Noogai3 creates The Dark Lord, another stick figure who's sole purpose is to destroy The Chosen One. Clippit loses from The Chosen One and The Dark Lord fights The Chosen One. After The Dark Lord loses the batte, The Chosen One becomes friends with The Dark Lord, and the latter turns on Noogai3. In the end, they create a vortex, which explodes, then the Blue Screen of Death appears.

Animator vs. Animation IV

Screenshot 2017-10-19 at 8.28.11 AM
In Animator vs. Animation 4, Noogai3 creates The Second Coming, who fights for his Fighting Stick Figures friends. The Second Coming tried to destroy Noogai3's computer and even destroys his phone because he ended The Second Coming's friends. After drawing a bunch of sketches to cause mayhem, Noogai3 decides to delete them and attempts to delete The Second Coming but due to his drawing and animation skills, he decided not to. Instead Noogai3 and The Second Coming become friends and work on an animation 5 months later. When they have a break, The Second Coming goes to his friends and they fight together. When The Second Coming wins, his friends clap to celebrate his victory.

Animation vs. YouTube

There is a playlist created by him titled "Best Videos of YouTube".

He is also seen in the original Animator vs. Animation video drawing Victim in till The Second Coming smashes YouTube's hand accidentally switching the video.

The Virus - Animator vs. Animation Shorts - Episode 1

He was creating an animation.When The Second Coming arrived,he helped him to create the animation more realistic.After that,he and The Second Coming were fighting ViraBot.Some time later,ViraBot destroyed Noogai3's mouse and stopped him when he tried to have new mouse.When ViraBot jumped at The Second Coming to kill him,a explosion created a portal.One black stickfigure camed out from the portal.It was revealed to be his previous creation,The Chosen One.This maked Noogai3 shoked,beacuse he thought he was dead.

Powers and abilities

  • Noogai3 can control or pick up anything he chooses on his PC or his phone.
    Animator vs. animation 2

    The Animator controls weapons to try shoot The Chosen One.

  • Noogai3 can create his own weapons, blockages or even animations by drawing them.
  • Noogai3 can use his programs for assistance.
  • Noogai3 can use Task Manager to stop(delete) certain programs/enemies with ease.
  • Noogai3 can use Quick Keys to select and delete certain Adobe Flash Player entities.
  • Noogai3 can revive the cursor if destroyed.


Noogai3's main weakness is his lack of care for the other Computer programs. For example, in
Animator vs

The remains of Flash after The Chosen One's and The Animator's battle.

Animator vs Animation III, he showed that he did not care about what happened to any of his Computer programs while they were being slaughtered. He did show care for AIM in Animator vs Animation II, but this could have only been because of the fact that his AOL chat bar would have closed if AOL Instant Messenger died.

Another one of his weaknesses is that he can not fight his own battles very well. As seen in Animator vs Animation II, The Chosen One easily defeated Noogai3 in one on one combat.

His weakness is also the The Second Coming that hard one. When he tried to defeat him, he used the laser gun to shoot the mouse cursor. The Second Coming drew figures to destroy the OS. It was shown in Animator vs. Animation IV.

Other quotes

"I don't have much time to talk! He might kill AIM soon!" - Noogai3, Animator vs. Animation II
"It... talks?" - Noogai3, Animator vs. Animation IV
"If you help me animate, I'll let you free, as long as you don't wreck my computer." - Noogai3 to The Second ComingAnimator vs. Animation IV.
"I'm not gonna delete you, you need to calm down."


  • The name Noogai3 first appeared in Animator vs Animation II.
  • Noogai3 does not like pop-ups, as he uses The Chosen One as a pop-up blocker.
  • Noogai3's real name is Alan Becker, who created the Animator vs Animation series and acts as the animator.
  • The creator of the animation (Alan Becker) had to put 'original' beside the name Animator vs Animation II to mark his copyright on YouTube because there were lot of duplicates of Animator vs Animation.
  • A few months after the release of Animator vs. Animation II, many people were requesting to chat with him in AIM due to the reveal of his AIM name being Noogai3. A video of it can be found here:
  • His computer name is Asus.