Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox






Noogai3 (Owner)

The Chosen One (Enemy)

The Dark Lord (Neutral when Calling) AOL Instant Messanger

Introduced in

Animator vs. Animation 2

Last Appearance

Animator vs. Animation 3

Voice Actor

Microsoft Mary

Mozilla Firefox is one of the main computer apps that stood against The Chosen One. He/she is very easily tempered as seen in and play a major role in as the tritagonist of Animator vs Animation 3.


He/she and Aim (AKA AOL Instant Messanger), first tried to stop The Chosen One in Animator vs. Animation 2, but they both failed. Firefox tried to disintegrate The Chosen One, but he dodged the attack, Mozilla then leaped on top of The Chosen One in another attempt to defeat him, this lead to Firefox getting kicked into the recycling bin. fortunately, because of Firefox's heat, he was able to burn out of the Bin, but this was the last of the programs luck, after that, The Chosen One countered Mozilla by freezing him.

In Animator vs Animation 3, Mozilla Firefox, AIM, and many other Computer apps tried to stop The Chosen One. After hanging back with AIM and the others for a while, Firefox went onto the battlefield had managed to corner The Chosen One (with help from Internet Explorer and Skype), but he escaped into Windows Explorer, snuck in from behind, and knocked Firefox off the window. Firefox then flew up and started to bomb The Chosen One, but he took control from behind, and threw him into a mine in minesweeper, destroying the board and defeating Firefox (plus AIM & VLC) in the process.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Mozilla Firefox can control fire. (Fireballs and flames from mouth and paws)
  • Mozilla Firefox has the power of flight.
  • Mozilla Firefox can tackle, and charge.
    Animator2 2

    Mozilla Fire Fox lunges at The Chosen One.


  1. Mozilla Firefox first appeared in Animator vs Animation 2.
  2. Despite being one of the more powerful Computer apps, it is easily handled by The Chosen One.
  3. AIM and Mozilla Firefox always fight together. This means that they could be friends, although it may also be a coincidence.
  4. When The Chosen One opens the start menu, Mozilla Firefox's defeated form is seen lying in the Recent Programs section. The globe is intact, but the fox itself is frozen.
  5. Firefox can be installed in Windows, Apple or Android. Website for Firefox is []
  6. Firefox was one of the four apps to have The Chosen One's powers used against them.

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