Herobrine's first appearance in Animation vs. Minecraft.







Introduced in

Animation vs. Minecraft

Herobrine is the main antagonist of Animation vs. Minecraft. He has the default skin of "Steve" (brown short hair, light blue shirt, dark blue pants) from Minecraft, but with white eyes.


Animation vs. Minecraft

Herobrine was first introduced in Animation vs. Minecraft. He was nowhere to be seen on the computer desktop, giving the indication that he might be a ghost. He then possesses Red, and takes the mysterious MINECRAFT block (The user has Creative mode and user is immortal) from his friends, he then unexpectedly attacks them, and goes on to hide in the folders of the computer's hard drive.

When The Second Coming and other Stick Fighters find him in the unknown place of the computer, he starts acting strange, twitching, showing signs of unease and mindless aggression. He goes on to over power his friends, by making himself a huge obsidian walking Stick Figure.

In the end his friends break down his defense and grab onto the Minecraft icon, with a struggle, The Second Coming finally throws Minecraft into the recycling bin, erasing all the Minecraft buildings, entities, and whatever else from the desktop, including Herobrine.

Powers and abilities

  • Herobrine had the power to possess other entities, even ones that are not associated with Minecraft, although you could argue that the fact you can build a Stick Figure makes it connect with Minecraft, so he can possess it, but whether that's true or not is unknown.
  • Herobrine can temporarily resist being deleted.



  • Herobrine is widely known throughout the Minecraft community.
  • Herobrine has become so well known that the official Minecraft wiki page has a page dedicated to "him".
  • Herobrine is a creepy pasta that has been around since 2010.
  • The creator of Herobrine states that he does not see herobrine as being 'Evil', but being someone who observes, and tries to learn from the player.
  • In the update logs of Minecraft, the Mojangsters sometimes joke about adding, then removing Herobeine.