August 1, 2011

Google Chrome is one of many apps in Animator vs Animation III. It is the most used browser. In the world.


Google Chrome has a blue center eye with red, green and yellow pieces like a puzzle. The blue green and red parts orbit around the eye like a probe/drone.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shoots a Secret Lazer
  • Float and Spin


Google Chrome's lazer unlike Adobe Flash Player and The Chosen One, does not have a constant lazer, which means that it's lazers are short and function more like lazer bullets, which makes them relatively weaker and hence less effective. Also, it's stamina wasn't really strong and died off easily.


  • Google Chrome used a "secret lazer" to shoot at The Chosen One. He actually got a few hits in before he was hit by Windows Movie Maker and rolled off the side off the Solitaire window, dead. Google Chrome was the third app to get defeated. (The first two being Orbit and WMM)
  • The icon in Animator vs Animation III is Google Chrome 10.
  • Noogai3 can be seen using the app in Animator vs. Animation 3 and 4.
  • It can spin and float.