Fighting Stick Figures
Stick Figures Playing Cards


Fighting Stick Figures




Stick Figures


Each other

The Second Coming (Close friend)

Noogai3/Alan Becker (Neutral)

Introduced In

"Animator vs. Animation 4"

The Fighting Stick Figures are a group of sick figures that appear in Animator vs. Animation 4. Their colors are Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue and appear in a website called 'Stick Figures Fighting' where the four fight each other. They also the deuteragonists in Animation VS Minecraft.


Animator vs. Animation IV

In Animator vs Animation IV they soon met The Second Coming and went out to play with Noogai3's computer. They were deleted, but were revived after their page was refreshed.

Animation vs. Minecraft

The stick figures appear later in Animation vs. Minecraft when they and the Second Coming use the Minecraft logo for building projects. Red makes off with it, forcing his friends to fight off monsters and eventually Red himself, who has been possessed by Herobrine.

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