Creepers first appearance





First Appearance

Animation vs. Minecraft

Last Appearance

Animation vs. Minecraft


The creeper's explosion.

The Creepers are an enemy in Minecraft, Creepers made it's first appearance in Animation vs. Minecraft. When Creepers get too close to players/stick figures, they will explode inflicting massive amounts of damage.

Appearance Edit

Animation vs. MinecraftEdit

As The Second Coming and Fighting Stickfigures are fighting off Skeletons, a Creepers pops out one of the files, the Creepers sees The Second Coming and his friends and decides to 'creep' up behind them. The Creeper explodes sending arrows flying everywhere as well as inflicting a reasonable amount of damage on the gang. All the Skeletons were killed during the explosion.

Minecraft Edit

In Minecraft the Creeper is a hostile 'mob' that comes out at night and tries to kill the player by exploding when close by, it makes a quite 'Hiss' then explodes, killing itself and possibly the player.

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