Command Blocks
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date April 18, 2018
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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Command Blocks is the 6th installment for the AVM Shorts series. It is released on YouTube on April 18, 2018
Command Blocks - AVM Shorts Episode 6

Command Blocks - AVM Shorts Episode 6

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The episode starts with yellow sneaking up to the creative block, hoping to get more items. He gives himself some rails, redstone torches, and other redstone stuff. He then starts searching through the entire item count, until he reaches the end. He then tries to move his select item through the wall that contains all the items, and continues to try until he

breaks through. There we see many different unusual items, such as the barrier, the command block, the structure block, mob spawners, and other blocks that you can't get easily. He then takes the command block, and puts the creative block back.

Yellow places the command block down but fails to figure out how it works. After hit it multiple times, the command block opens up and an instruction list falls out. Yellow reads the instruction manual and slowly understands it. He tries to give himself a stack of command block and placing various blocks on various spaces using the command blocks and succeeds. Yellow also ties out some armor stand positioning. Then, he thinks up of an idea. He uses the command blocks to troll Red, first, using them to move a cake around, then Red plays the William Tell game with an armor stand, and shoots an arrow at an apple placed on top of the armor stand, and gets a machine that dispenses cake. He catches Yellow typing a command to replace all the cakes with rotten flesh in a command block, and asks what he is doing.