Blue Screen of Death


Blue Screen of Death

First Appearance

Animator vs. Animation III

Last Appearance

Animator vs. Animation IV: Kickstarter Project

The Blue Screen of Death is an error that occurred when The Chosen One and The Dark Lord created a Vortex, then detonated it, created a massive explosion, which fried the Animators computer.


The only time the Blue Screen of Death has appeared, is when the Animations in Animator vs. Animation III finally defeat Alan Becker, and in a kick-starter campaign.


  • The Blue Screen of Death has been around since 1993 when the first version of the Windows 9x family was released.
  • The BSoD strangely shows the one in Windows 9x (95, 98, and ME) instead of Windows XP.
  • Animator vs. Animation III and the kick-starter campaign is the only time The Blue Screen of Death appears in the series of Animator vs. Animation.