Animator vs Animation Game
Poster of Animator vs Animation Game.

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1 Player - 2 Players


Normal & Special Edition


Alan Becker & Charles Yeh

Animator vs Animation Game came out in 2007 when Animator vs. Animation blew up over the internet along with other popular stick animations such as 'Tha Cliff' by Xefpatterson. The game was created by Alan Becker and Charles Yeh.


When you start up the game, or have;

  • Play Game
  • Tutorial
  • Replay Intro
  • High Scores
  • Secrets

Main Menu screen.

You can either view the tutorial or go straight into the game with the option of playing as the Animator, then unlocking the ability to play as the Animation, then after that the option to play 'Multiplayer' (although it's not online) is available.


The Animator getting beaten in the Animator vs Animation Game.

The Animator:

The animator as a number of tools to choose from like the Brush tools, which can be used a a fairly strong

barrier against the Animation, there's also an option to use guns, but you need to quickly find the time to draw them before the Animation attacks you're cursor and send it flying all over the place.

The Animation:


The Animation getting ready to dodge a projectile from the Animator.

The Animation can be played after playing as the Animator. The Animation is capable of using tools as seen in the videos like eye drop

tool and more.


Multiplayer can be unlocked after playing as the Animation. In Multiplayer two people control the Animator, or Animation.

Each of the controls are the same for each player weather they are controlling the Animator or the Animation.

Special Edition

On Alan Beckers website there's a 'Special edition' of the Animator vs Animation Game. This includes access to a new game mode's such as 'Survival' and 'Missions'. Entering these modes give you health and challenging enemies such as an over sized Stick Figure. There's also many more game options at the menu screen.

Hidden Features

The user can use Fire Breath by pressing 'S' as well as using Lazer eyes, 'D'

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