Rules of the Animator vs. Animation Wiki Introduction

Please take some time to go through the simple rules of this wiki, thank you.

Start by reading the following rules below.


Only include articles that are related and are cannon to the series.

WARNING: Articles that are not related to the series need to be removed, please contact the community central for delete. Or you can delete the page if you are an admin.

Adding none related articles can lead to a warning, then a 1 month BAN.


The wiki is allowed blogs, you can chat with people, but please do not spam or advertise, this can lead to a 1 month BAN.

Photos and Videos

Please keep photos and videos on topic, and do not post anything offense or inappropriate, doing so can resolve in a perm BAN depending on how bad the situation is.


Vandalism is inserting gibberish, nonsense, false information, and deleting content, if there is any vandalism the punishment WILL be extremely harsh. Lately the wiki has been getting griefed none stop, it will not be taken for granted anymore.


Please keep language to a medium level, do not use foul language, though, words such as 'shit' 'piss' are not taken as breaking the rules. If an admin catches you using foul language, you will be warned, continue, and harsher action will be taken.

Please at least try and be civilized when chatting, do not advertise or spew gibberish from your keyboard.


Screenshot 2013-09-23-17-41-57-1

A comment by a wikia contributor.

Note:Writing it 20x, Pages will be deleted.

WARNING:Writing it will be blocked. Also remove comments from Wiki Features.


All ages are welcome on this wiki, but please keep in mind if you don't follow the rules, you will still be punished regardless of your age.



  1. If you catch a user or anonymous user first break these rules, leave a message at an admins page.
  2. Please report and try to fix vandalism, the more contribution you make to the wiki, the more chance of a promotion.

Reminder [ADMIN]

If a user or anonymous users continued breaking these rules, Contact the Wikia Community Central to block. If you are an admin, you will block at Special:Block.

Personal Information

Please do not give out personal information to anyone, this includes credit card details, age, location, ect.


If you have any questions, please contact an admin.

Thank you for reading the rules, have fun editing!