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WARNING: THIS WIKI IS ABOUT ANIMATOR VS ANIMATION SERIES AND GAMES, NOT COMPUTER PROGRAMS. DONT MAKE A MISTAKE... This Wiki is all about a user Noogai3 know as Alan Becker and Stick Figures. The operating systems (Windows XP and more recently Windows 7) have viruses known as The Chosen One and The Second Coming because Noogai3 drew stick Figures in Flash and The Chosen One and The Second Coming in the beginning of Animator vs. Animation 4 destroyed noogai's computers, phone, and social life. Although, The Second Coming and Noogai3 became friends at the end of Animator vs. Animation 4.

This is Created by Alan Becker so anyone can edit and create

What is Animator vs. Animation

Animator vs. Animation was part of Alan Becker's Animations in his website

About Alan Becker

Alan Becker created Animations like Animator vs. Animation. He Created his Animations in High School from teen to young adult.

Latest Activity

Featured Article: October
This Article is showing you the Chosen One. Noogai3 wasn't able to defeat him.


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Featured Image: October
Animator2 2

This Image is shown that Firefox and The Chosen One. Firefox is wasn't at the globe because the chosen one hits and jump off the icon

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Featured Video: October
This video is about kickstarter video of Animator vs. Animation 4

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Alan Becker Alan's Website

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