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Animator vs. Animation II

Animator vs. Animation II, in HD.

Animator vs. Animation II is the second flash movie of the Animator vs. Animation series. It is the first video to include both Noogai3 and The Chosen One.


Noogai3 draws a stickfigure, clicks on it and chooses "Convert To Symbol" He types in several names (victim, killer, and BEAST) before settling on "The Chosen One." The figure pulls its hands toward its chest and burns the box surrounding him with a fireball.  It grabs a scroll bar but Noogai3 opens a library filled with weapons. Noogai3 gets an ax from there but The Chosen One throws it at a damaged scrollbar. Noogai3 then gets
Animator vs. animation 2

Noogai3 tries to shoot The Chosen One.

a gun and chooses "Aim and fire." It starts shooting The Chosen One. The Chosen One avoids the attacks and smashses the gun, but Noogai3 sets in a rocket launcher and pistol. The Chosen One starts using his laser vision and destroys not only the guns but starts destroying the flash interface itself. Some timeline frames (a reference to the first video) fall onto the stickfigure, but he destroys them using his fire breath. The stickfigure then breaks the library window and escapes onto the desktop. Noogai3 minimizes the window and comes after him. The Chosen One then goes in the Recycle Bin and throws out some deleted files (humorously labled "crap", "junk",
Animator2 2

Mozilla Firefox lunges at The Chosen One.

and "crappy junk".) Then he goes to a text file and rips it up. He flies up through a word document, jumps onto the Firefox icon, and propels himself down to a data cabinet (waking up Mozilla Firefoxin the process.) The Chosen One opens the the cabinet and begins rustling through it, but Mozilla Firefox breathes fire on him. He avoids it, but it burns up the cabinet. The Firefox lunges at the stickfigure but lands in the Recycle Bin, waking up AIM. The firefox bursts out of the Recycle Bin (destroying the bin and releasing the deleted files), but The Chosen One freezes it. AIM jumps up to Windows Media Player and gfires a few songnotes at the The Chosen One, who grabs one of the songnotes and throws back, causing AIM to jump into Paint. AIM grabs two of the paint brushes and The Chosen gets a brush, as well. At this time, Noogai3 signs on AOL Instant Messenger and talks to Programmer021.

AOL and The Chosen one on top of The Animator's chat bar.

He talks to Programmer021 and asks him how to beat the Chosen One. (while the stickfigure and AIM are fighting it out, even waking up Adobe Photoshop at one point.)  Before the programmer can say his weakness, The Chosen One pickes up the window and smashes it into AIM, destroying the window in the process. He also destroys the Flash icon by burning it. Noogai3 clicks on AIM and chooses "Send To", revealing the options "Graveyard" and "Heaven". My Computer appears and starts wacking the stickfigure with a mouse. The Chosen One uses his fire breath at My Computer but My Computer blocks it with a "firewall"(while at this time Noogai3 gets the avast!Antivirus program.) My Computer starts blocking The Chosen One's attacks, but the stickfigure rips his mouse off, so My Computer starts shooting compact disks at the stickfigure. The Chosen One throws back several disks back at My Computer, freezing itand allowing him to reach the start menu. He then eats some programs and getting the "Turn Off Computer" button. He presses it but causes the avast! Antivirus Program to detect him while saying: "CAUTION! A VIRUS HAS BEEN DETECTED." Miniture lighting bolts start to get him, The Chosen One tries to fight back and even using his laser vision and fire breath, however the miniture lighting bolts catch him and then the chest from the avast!Antivirus program successfully catches him. 

After that The Chosen One was forced to be Noogai3's popup blocker.        


  • This is the first flash movie to have a program talk (the avast!Antivirus). The next one would be Clippy from Animator vs. Animation III.

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