Animator vs. Animation 4
Season orjfnvtokrmdcigtrk,d, Episode 4nbxjhe4ngtzjhru
Air date October 2nd, 2014
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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Animator vs. Animation 3
Animation vs. Minecraft

Animator vs. Animation IV is a project created by Alan Becker. The short film started as a Kickstarter project launched in July 2013. The project successfully reached it's funding goal on August 9, 2013 and was released in October 2, 2014. It is the last installment of the original Animator vs Animation series, which was replaced with spin-offs, starting from Animation vs. Minecraft.



  • This is the first video with Windows 7 and the first video with live action.
  • Alan's new computer is Asus.
  • Curiously, you can see the Second Coming seemingly changing into the Chosen One but he's not totally The Chosen One as he never appeared here.
  • It is not very clear whether The Second Coming and The Chosen One are the same stick figure as the task manager states "TheSecondComing.exe" as The Chosen One's Return, and the Chosen One is supposed to be black in color. Here, The Second Coming is orange.
  • This is the second time Alan uses Adobe Flash, and the first time he uses Google Chrome.
  • One of his friends were complaining about what he did but The Second Coming is the one doing this.
  • iTunes just returned but with a newer version.
  • The website [1] is real, similar to Stickfigure Rights, although it unfortunately does not allow the stickmen to escape to other websites, applications, or the desktop due to limitations.
  • If Alan would not have been that quick of closing the Phone app after 911 was called then Alan may have gotten arrested. It is actually illegal to call 911 for ridiculous reasons.
  • This was the first time that the main stick figure isn't black. In Animator vs. Animation 3, the Dark Lord is red (which was a secondary stick figure). In Animator vs. Animation 4, the Second Coming is orange who is the main stick figure. In other words, this is the second time a stick figure is made a different color.
  • When The Second Coming goes to Alan's iPhone, the Kindle logo kid's book falls, and he gets the green book from the Newsstand icon.
  • This is the only animation not currently posted on Newgrounds, possibly because of the live action scenes.
  • Currently, this is the only video to reach over 1 million likes on YouTube.


Video Edit

Animator vs13:37

Animator vs. Animation IV (original)

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