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Animator vs. Animation 3
Season 0, Episode 3
Air date 2010
Written by Alan Becker
Directed by Alan Becker
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Animator vs. Animation 3 is the third installment in the Animator vs. Animation franchise. In this episode, rebellious stickman The Chosen One sets out revenge on Noogai3.


The episode starts off with Noogai3 opening up The Chosen One as a pop-up blocker while Noogai3 searches though Google. The Chosen One manages to open up a Stick Figure Slavery website where he would be free, but Noogai3 stops his chances. However before Noogai3 could remove The Chosen One, a popup appeared. The Chosen One manages to go to the popup but Noogai3 right-clicks him and clicks Start Blocking Pop-up until the popup is obliterated. The stickman manages to grab Noogai3's cursor and releases himself by clicking Release Pop-up Blocker, wrecking the Browser to Noogai3's desktop and essay (file:requiredessay) in Microsoft Word. After The Chosen One destroys Noogai3's essay, Noogai3 tries to get a Paperclip to kill The Chosen One but he manages to destroy the Paperclip. Wanting to get rid of The Chosen One, Noogai3 draws and sets a red stick figure named The Dark Lord (early named The Chosen One's enemy) to kill The Chosen One. Right after his activation, the Dark Lord sees the Chosen One wrapping Clippy and kicking it away. The Dark Lord stomps on the ground and the menus rise and they hit The Chosen One. The Dark Lord uses his power to almost kill The Chosen One but he fights back. Before they went to the desktop, they fight around the essay (Microsoft Word) and The Chosen One grabs the mouse and throws it to the minimize button while The Dark Lord throw the font menu. They went to the Desktop. They Fight in Solitaire by throwing and destroying cards and Noogai3 reset the game by Clicking the Deal. The Dark Lord punched The Chosen One, Noogai3 dropped the Chosen One and he placed The Dark Lord. The two fight out on Noogai3's desktop and The Dark Lord manages to get desktop icons to help him destroy The Chosen One while Noogai3 plays Solitaire. The Chosen One manages to kill most of the icons by throwing Orbit and Windows Movie Maker, Hitting Google Chrome with WMM , and Destroying iTunes' Disk. Yahoo! Messenger bites The Chosen One's arm, VLC media player covers The Chosen One's Face, Internet Explorer bites The Chosen One's other arm, the music note of iTunes wrap The Chosen One's Legs and Skype boxes The Chosen One. The Chosen One hits Skype, Removes Yahoo! and IE7/8, Throwes the music note of iTunes away with his legs, put VLC to the Dark Lord and sends The Dark Lord and VLC into Minesweeper. While The Dark Lord tries to get out by Solving it (If you didn't click a tile with mines, You Win), The Chosen One played ball with Yahoo! Messenger and IE and Skype tried to save Yahoo! but The Chosen One threw it into the Recycle Bin. AIM (who was kind of hanging back until now) grabbed the brush, colored pencil and pen and threw them to the top of Solitaire program and Firefox went to Paint text and the holder fell (didn't smash). The Chosen One uses the pen as a weapon and Firefox destroyed it. The duo of AIM and FireFox tried to stop The Chosen One but he dodged and Firefox tackled AIM. Skype smashed the holder to the Chosen One and The Chosen One jumps into Downloads with a jump sound (a sound from Super Mario Bros.), teleported to My Videos, climbed out, and Kicked Firefox, Skype and IE off the side. AIM threw the brush and colored pencil to The Chosen One. They Fight and The Chosen One threw the Colored Pencil to the Minesweeper while the Dark Lord is solving it. The Chosen One still fights AIM one on one and threw him to the Minesweeper. Firefox tried to stop The Chosen One but The Chosen One avoids it and jumps on Firefox. The Chosen One throws Firefox on a Minesweeper mine which kills it, AIM, and the Face (note:If you click the tile that has mines will kill the face and you lose) and almost kills The Dark Lord. The Dark Lord surrendered and The Chosen One threw the brush and pointing to Noogai3. The Chosen One manages to get The Dark Lord to team up with him to destroy Noogai3's computer. They destroy first the program of Solitaire, Minesweeper. Noogai3 tries to click the Turn Off Computer but The Dark Lord and The Chosen One destroyed the Start Menu. They continued destroying the program and swirl to get the icons (including Yahoo!) and Smashed Programs with cards of Solitaire to the vortex but Noogai3 avoid the My Computer going to the vortex. They finish Swirling and get a hi-5. Noogai3 placed the My Computer icon on the Paint text and the Explosion came. Which is succesful. Noogai3's computer shuts down and deleting all his work. The video ends causing the Blue Screen of Death.



  • This is a last movie shows Windows XP
  • This is the only flash movie show the inside of Microsoft Word.
  • In Animator vs. Animation and Animator vs. Animation 2, it shows that it was Macromedia Flash 8 and has been upgraded to Adobe Flash Professional CS4 along with Adobe Photoshop (previous:4.0/5.0/6.0), Dreamweaver, Fireworks, etc.
  • In the Recent Programs of the Start Menu, There was iTunes 7, VLC, Flash, Paint, Solitaire, Windows Media Player and Microsoft Word.
  • Its the only flash movie to have a MS (Microsoft) Word Icon without a Document.
  • It only shows My Network Places in the Start Menu.
  • Tier list here:
  • Here are the destroyed programs: IE, Word, Solitaire and Minesweeper. Flash remains intact.
  • the is a real website,although the popups not clickable.
  • The vortex is similar to a black hole. A black hole sucks up light while the vortex sucks up the icons, smashed programs and cards of Solitaire.

Production NotesEdit

  • This flash movie shows a Blue Screen of Death.
    • Strangely, despite the operating system being Windows XP, the BSoD shows the one in Windows 9x compared to the one in the real Windows XP.


  • When you terminate your computer, your data will be lost.


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