Animator vs. Animation 1 is the first animation movie with the "victim".


The clip opens with a white background, with the cursor creating an animated black stick figure named "Victim". Once he had created the stick figure he decides to play with it a little, but he has done a mistake by 

Animator vs animation-Pixelsmithstudios

"Victim" was creating shield.

accidentally freeing him. The stick figure was infuriated, thus he retaliated by any means possible. After a long fight between the animator and the animation, the animator decides to erase him. He attempted to delete him, but the stick figure crossed out 'delete' in the menu. He then climbed up on the application and created duplicates of the stick figure before the cursor had a chance to stop him. 4 new stick figures were created and it instantly became a havoc in the flash player. The animator decided to stop this once and for all, so after long, hard efforts of trying to reach the close button, he finally clicked it. Fortunately, he was in control and the stick figures were powerless. A small window popped up in the center of the app saying 'Save changes to Untitled-1?'.


The "victim" was the first animation in Macromedia Flash 8, Noogai3 knows how to stop this, so he press close.


Making "victim" in Animator vs. Animation

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