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AOL Instant Messenger




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Unknown Martial Art (Expert?)

Introduced In

Animator vs. Animation 2

Last Appearance

"Animator vs. Animation 3"

AOL Instant Messenger (A.K.A. AIM) is a program that first appeared in Animator vs Animation II. He was powerful enough to hold back The Chosen One while Alan contacted a friend for help to defeat him. He also is a deuteragonist in Animator vs. Animation II and supporting character in Animator vs. Animator III.


Animator vs. Animation II

In Animator vs. Animation II, he, Mozilla Firefox, and many other programs tried to stop The Chosen One. He wakes up after being hit with a fireball. (Thrown by The Chosen One at Mozilla Firefox) After Firefox lands in the Recycle Bin, He jumps up to Windows Media Player and fires some music notes at the Chosen One, but the Chosen One throws one back, causing an explosion and knocking AIM onto the Paint icon. AIM then took the pens in the paint icon and starts fighting The Chosen One while Noogai3 runs the actual program, asking the Programmer

AOL and The Chosen one on top of The Animator's chat bar.

for help. He holds on for a while but is defeated when The Chosen One slams the AOL Instant Messenger app page corner into his chest. Noogai3 opens the Send To menu for unknown reasons. (the options were Graveyard and Heaven). Then, My Computer appears and starts fighting the Chosen One. 

Animator vs. Animation III

AIM also appears in Animator vs. Animation 3, albeit with a much smaller role. He was one of the many programs who fought The Chosen One. He hung back for a really long time until Google Chrome, WMM, Orbit, and Yahoo were defeated, and then entered the battle. Upon Entering, he fought along with Mozilla Firefox. He supposedly died soon after, when he and The Dark Lord were thrown into Minesweeper; while The Dark Lord attempted to navigate the maze, Firefox was defeated, and thrown into Minesweeper, landing on a mine, and destroying most of the Minesweeper area, and presumably killing AIM, and Firefox.

Animator vs. Animation 4

He never appeared in this video.

Powers and Abilities

  • AIM is an expert at an unknown martial art.
  • AIM is able to jump and dodge attacks very quickly.
  • AIM is using powerful attacks.

    AIM battling The Chosen One.


  • AIM and Mozilla Firefox always fight together. This means that they could be friends, although it may also be a coincidence.
  • When The Chosen One opens the start menu, AIM's defeated appearance is seen lying in the Recent Programs section.
  • He is the third program to be defeated in Animator vs. Animation 2. The others are Firefox and Photoshop.
  • He is also the last program to die in Animator vs Animation 3, due to him not being dead until the mines went off. He is tied for last death with Firefox and VLC Media Player.
  • He was created on October 29, 1981 but first appeared on May 1997 when AIM was launched for the first time.
  • Aim is the program who appeared most through the series, because it got spotlight in two different episodes, while in the Chat (that counts as him) and fighting above the chat.
  • AIM's favorite weapons are the pencil and brush, because he uses them in every appearance.
  • AIM is a icon.


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