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Animator vs. Animation V

This Is A ROLEPLAY! Choose Your Character!
Victim - VACANT
The Chosen One - Cadethefrogger
The Dark Lord -TheCreepy904
The Second Coming - MisterHelper
Red - Creepypasta1guy
Yellow - Crazyboom Loudfan
Green - StarryWoomyGirl
Blue - Polandballfan2017
Animator - Creepypasta2guy
Only 1 Character Allowed Per' User!
Roleplay - Not Started
Btw, im taking over this roleplay.
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Yes, Victim and the animator.
ok i will be animator
ill be blue
Blue is taken.
Funny, be victim.
Well.. i don't think there could be a 5th episode because The Second Coming became friends with the Animator
Sir, no.
ok sorry
Am I allowed to be animator , the second coming or Victim
Take it in order of i can be animator i will
If I can't then the second coming
Then I'll be victim of i have no other choice
Looks like you are the new animator.
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