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el elegido regreso como lo hizo?

escoge teoria
escoge una teoria
  • Abrió un portal que lo hizo viajar en el tiempo antes de morir
  • Su alma fue transferirá a la computadora nueva de Alan
  • Regreso para pelear con Alan,sin saber de que sea vuelto bueno alan
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AVM Shorts

is it just me or should we be making page son every short Alan Becker does?
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Whos your favorite stick figure?

Whos your favorite stick figure?
Whos your favorite stick figure
  • The Second Coming
  • The Chosen One
  • The Dark Lord
  • Victim
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
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About me

What can you have details and infomation about me?
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Animator vs. Animation V

This Is A ROLEPLAY! Choose Your Character!
Victim - VACANT
The Chosen One - Cadethefrogger
The Dark Lord -TheCreepy904
The Second Coming - MisterHelper
Red - Creepypasta1guy
Yellow - Crazyboom Loudfan
Green - StarryWoomyGirl
Blue - Polandballfan2017
Animator - Creepypasta2guy
Only 1 Character Allowed Per' User!
Roleplay - Not Started
Btw, im taking over this roleplay.
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Favorite Animator vs animation episodes/scenes.

What is your favorite animator vs animation episode/scene?
Favorite ava animation.
  • Animator vs. Animation
  • Animator vs. Animation 2
  • Animator vs. Animation 3
  • Animator vs. Animation 4
  • Animation vs. Minecraft
  • Animation vs. Youtube
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Introducing discussions posts.

I have noticed that there are many comments on other pages, and I think that we need to have the discussions page! feel free to comment and make new discussions posts anytime!
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